2 x Young Australian Bush Goats - Tallebudgera Valley

by Mark Waddington
(Tallebudgera Valley, Qld., Australia.)

I'd like two young, weaned kid Australian Bush Goats. I want hardy goats to control molasses grass, bana grass and lantana on steep slopes between fruit trees in the Tallebudgera Valley. I'm new to owning this farm and would prefer the goats young so that we can learn together. These goats will be an addition to the family like our dogs and cat, and won't be slaughtered if that is of interest to you. Nor do I want to milk, so I suppose bucks might be best (?), and don't want to breed so again two same sex goats.

I've asked for Austrlian Bush Goats as I read that they were the hardiest. I figure that I need low maintenance animals to get me started.

Hope you can help,
kind regards,

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