Alpine Doe and kid for sale

by Marie
(Seymour Indiana)

I am selling two full bred alpine goats mother and daughter.They are almost (Mother 5 years old) and (daughter 3 years old).

They are both tame and are milking stand trained we milked them both and drank the milk for a while.
They are both disbuded so they do not have horns,but the daughter one horn grew back then fell off 2 years ago so now she has a inch and a half stub but it is not sharp at all and it has not grown al all.
They both hav had babies before the mother has had 3 litters 2 in each,and the daughter has had only one litter and she had 2 babies.The first picture is the mother whos name is shaniqua and in the other picture is the daughter named gracey elizabeth,it was taken with her 2 babies.Both of the goats have been around children,dogs and other pets.They are good around childern ad love to be hand fed.

I paied 200 dollars for each goat.If you are intersted please let me know and please let me know what you think is a fair price.You can email me at or you can give me a call at 812-524-2239 and please leave a message if I cant make it to the phone.

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