Any breed that grows to 100 kgs. and more in 1 year/Bangalore/Hosur

by hriday
(Bangalore, Karnataka, India.)

I am planning to rear goats specially for IDD. For this I need kids that are 3 months old in Jan'12. Any breed available in India that grows to more than 60-100 kgs. in about an year's time will do.Goat breeds that are suitable for stallfed and free range or mixed pasture are preferred.

Kindly mail me the following details:
price per kid, both male and female, age in jan'12, breed, transportation, certification of line,progeny,parents performance and history, vaccination chart, initial feeding guide,etc. whether suitable for IDD purpose, breeding age and peoceedure.
Mail me at : mob: 99009 20929.Thanx.

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