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Starvation Flats - High Percentage Commercial bucks for sale, start your own herd of Boer goats. We begin Breeding End of July. Tested clean herd. FB to percentages. Doelings, FB registerable bucklings for sale. Starter herd available with proven does.
Proud member of USBGA. Debi Kirschten, Baker, Mt. 80 miles E of Miles City MT. or 125 Miles SW of Dickinson N. 

Shingle Butte Ranch- Ken Gardner 41 Strawberry Lookout, Clancy, MT 59634

The Rock Ranch.  Operates a Boer Goat breeding program in Montana with a focus on health, correctness and rapid weight gain.  Uses Foundation Boer Bucks with top line breeding Boer Does to achieve consistent result.. They have Boer Bucks and Boer Does with Champion Genetics and cull aggressively to maintain breed standards. The goal is to produce superior Boer Goats that excel in the show ring along with strong commercial traits that include high weight gain rates, excellent mothering abilities, high milk production and strong parasite resistance.  They  always have Boer Goat breeding stock, including 4-H wethers and commercial Boer Goats For Sale in Montana, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah and Canada. They are a CAE & CL free ranch


The best Boer-Goat-Breeder and meat goat breeder directory. This is a directory of Boer-Goat-Montana breeders

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Starvation Flats Boers
Starvation Flats Boers
Starvation Flats Boers