All about Boer-Goat-Philippines and all about breeders and breeding Boer goats. Various agriculture and government officials in the Philippines province of North Cotabato province are recognizing the potential of goat exports to the Middle East in particular Saudi Arabia. They are major importers of quality breeding animals from Australia.

The Vice Governor of the province has announced that that pure-bred Boer bucks will be given to those farms having at least 20 goats of any type.

As goat people know the Boer can produce significant amounts of quality goat meat and this has been recognized and acted on by goat growers in Mindanao, who are rapidly expanding herd sizes.


Mature Boers can weigh in from 90 to 140 kilos, and when compared with local goat breeds that usually only attain 30 kilos or less, says Vincent Garcia, one of the major Boer goat producers is based near Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat.

Goat production has the potential to boost farm incomes while they waited for harvesting of high value crops such as rubber, oil palm, and bananas. Also the use of by products from coconut (copra meal) has a value added benefit for goat production, and other similar products can give local producers an edge.

In fact oil palm producers can utilize the very high protein palm kernel meal and maximize production. Saudi Arabia has signalled its intent to purchase goats from Mindanao and this has triggered the goat distribution program. They should be congratulated on recognizing potential and acting on it! Its a competitive market with other producers such as Malaysia and even Australia and India as well as Pakistan so quality is a key factor.

For obvious reasons Saudi Arabia is looking at Mindanao as a goat meat source of goat meat to meet the pilgrim requirements during the annual Hajj season that happens in December. Around 2 million goats are required daily to meet the demand!

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