farm visit + technical details + project report

by Syed Mustafa Hussain

Osmanabadi flock

Osmanabadi flock

1- Supply of Osmanabadi & Local Goats for Breeding & Mutton Purpose in Bulk.

2- Farm Visit + Consultancy during Customers Visit- 500 Rupees Only.

3- Farm Visit + Technical details + Updates on Up Coming Schemes +Project Report on

Osmanabadi Goats (Not for Bank Loan) with following topics - 1000 Rupees Only.

Ø Introduction & Advantages on goat farming

Ø Marketing Strategies

Ø Products

Ø Complete details of Osmanabadi goats

Ø General guide lines based on practical experience & theoretical guide lines

Ø Assumptions taken to prepare the project report

Ø Shed & feed facilities

Ø Expenditure - capital cost which is 1 time set up & running cost & profit for 1 year.

4- Can take construction contracts of Poultry / Goat / Sheep Shed also but only in A.P.

Syed Mustafa Hussain Razvi
M.Sc Construction Project Management (U.K.)

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