Florida Cracker Boer Goats

by Cynthia Ellis
(Bell, Florida, USA)

BBBP Frank and some Percentage Does

BBBP Frank and some Percentage Does

Contact: Cynthia Ellis 2739 NW 67th Court, Bell, Fl 32619 Phone 352-463-5988 Email: cynthia@florida-cracker.com Website: www.florida-cracker.com

We raise 100% ABGA Registered Boer goats and Percentages. My Boer Goats have been born and raised for the Florida Climate and Parasite resistant. At our Farm we maintain some of the best Boer Goats in North Florida. They have been given the best organically source of vitamins and minerals. These goats go through a Total Health Program. My Boer Goat are what Boer Goats should be Muscle, Heat and Parasite resistant and Healthy. I have for sale: Show and Breeding Does, Bucks, Kids, and wethers. Visit our website for prices.

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