Future Goats for sale at Darbar Farm , Bhilwara, Rajasthan.

by Puran Pal
(Darbar Farm-Bhilwara (Rajasthan))

We are the club of farmers in Mandalgarh , Dist Bhilwara (Rajasthan). Our farmers' community, spread in 60 Kms area in the surrounding of five local rivers, is going to undertake a commercial level goat breeding in near future.

Based on size of our lands, water, solar,budget and team of expertise from Australia and Cyprus, we are developing a concept of breeding 1000000 (one million) goat-heads.

Out of all, ONE LAC WILL BE EID GOAT. All breeding and raring will be done based on Hydroponic and corn Silage.

Beside this we will have huge forest to take out goats for a walk.

We are planting 2 millions bushes in 10 kms barren area eatable by the goats.

This is the first goat farm of its kind where more than 1000 International staff will be working hand in hand with the local farmers.

If anybody like to be our partners in finding a local markets for our EID goats. I am working with the International Peace Organisation and can be reached on 00972 54 65 38 341 (email... loving.god123@gmail.com and skype ID is greenworld24). Please contact Mr. Puran Pal at your convenient. Best of best regards.


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