Goat Tragedy in California

More than 200 goats have suffocated to death in an overturned livestock trailer and all because the police would not let their goat herder free them. The herder is reported as saying "They were screaming, screaming, screaming to get out,' says the owner of Goats R Us, an Orinda, California, company that rents out goats for grazing brush in fire hazard reduction. The 243 goats died on Friday when the four-tier truck trailer flipped making a sharp turn in Marin County north of San Francisco. The local police were more concerned with traffic control than humane animal issues, the owner had herding dogs etc however the police never listened and some 150 goats survived. Sue their sorry butts off I say and make them accountable for the suffering in court, truly disgraceful episode. The police claim truck was going too fast

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