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The Canadian National Goat Federation was formed in December 2002 to provide a united voice dealing with national issues concerning the goat industry in Canada. Our mandate is to represent the interest of all goat producers across Canada regardless if they are raising meat, dairy, fiber or pet animals. The CNGF is a non profit national organization that is representing the national interests of goat producers and the industry.

The CNGF is actively working with the Federal government to develop national programs and policies for the Canadian goat industry such as identification, scrapie surveillance, on-farm food safety programs and more. 14 representatives from national and provincial goat organizations form the CNGF board of directors

The Canadian Goat Society supervises the Registry for nine purebred breeds of goats and a Special Registry for upgraded animals, and conducts programs and services to educate breeders and to evaluate animals and their performance.

The Canadian Goat Society was incorporated in 1917, under the Livestock Act of Canada. Directors are elected from the six major regions of Canada to oversee the functioning of the society. Officially sanctioned shows, judges' training programs, type classification, official milk testing, and genetic evaluations are some of the programs conducted by CGS.


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