Do you have Goats-For-Sale-Nebraska, this is a directory of Nebraska Boer breeders who often have goats for sale and if you wish to add your details or change details then please use the Nebraska Boer Goats Directory Form. If you wish to exchange links then also advise me, it helps both our sites in the search engines.

If you wish to list a few details of your goats for sale then do so below and add in some great photos of your goats.Go back to Goat-For-Sale for other US state goat adverts


DK Cattle Co Boer Goats sell Boer breeding stock and club goats , and they are located at   Broadwater, Nebraska

Stripe Boers Nebraska  sell registered as well as commercial boer goats. We also raise several goats to be ready for local county and state fairs. Check We are located in Sutton, NE. We have been in the business for 3 years now and have increased our numbers.

D Lazy V Farms are under the Historic Chimney Rock in the Panhandle of Western Nebraska 

UPHOFFS BOER GOATS specialize in producing breeding stock for commercial meat goat operations. Located at Elwood, Nebraska,

S & O LIVESTOCK - Commercial and Registered Boer Goats, Papillion.


Crane Valley Ranch at Lewellen, and Frederick Boer Goats  Randolph, NE

Foolish Acres Boer Goats - Orleans, NE

D-N Boer Goats -Hay Springs, NE

Raines Ranch - Sidney, Nebraska

POOR BOY BOERS - Grand Island, Nebraska

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