There are many sources of goats for sale Queensland information, from rural newspapers to online sales websites and goat classifieds. Queensland is a major goat producing state, both feral or rangeland harvesting as well as managed Boer herds. There are also a number of reputable Boer goat stud breeders along with commercial goat herd enterprises.

If you want to place your goats for sale classified then list it here and get several hundred possible buyers a day looking at your FREE advertisement. You can never have enough exposure and given that many site visitors are from overseas, then you may open up a possible sales channel.

If you have some goats for sale then fill out the form below and I will list it for FREE. If you want to sell some goats or have excess kids for herd reductions then list them along with your usual and favoured sales platforms. 


Whether you want to sell some Purebred Boer Goats, possibly some red Boers or some dairy goats such as Saanens, or Anglo Nubians, British Alpines or Toggenburgs. Even if you are a goat fiber producer and have Cashmere and Angora goats for sale, why not advertise them for free here.  

If you have Boer Cross meat goats, Kalahari Reds or want to offload some cross breed wethers this is the place to do it. So why not list your goats for sale and here for FREE.

Add in a picture, it’s worth a 1000 words and also take the chance with each advert to describe your goat breed enterprise so that people get to know you and the goat business.


Follow these steps to advertise, and please do not use all capital letters. Please don't add in any HTML codes for line breaks or bold text.  But do put in as much information a syou can

Insert what goats you want to sell and location

100 Boer X Goats – Roma – Queensland

Insert your description

i.e. 100 Boer X does, add details such as age, colouring and so on, be descriptive as it will help find the person you need to sell you some goats. Add in an image as well, no larger than 100 k please.

Insert the optional details of Name and Location

Insert your email notification so you get direct response.

Go back to Boer Goats Australia. Advertise your goats for sale Queensland information

Post your Goats For Sale in Queensland Advert

Give good details about your goat for sale, YOU MUST GIVE YOUR NAME, LOCATION, TEL NUMBER, Email ADDRESS and proper description of goat for sale. If you do not the advert does not get posted.

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