Goats Wanted NSW

Goats Wanted NSW. We are currently looking for Boer X commercial goats in NSW for our new goat enterprise. If you have Boer X goats for sale we would love to hear from you. We are  building up a herd on our new Central West farm and want to purchase up to 500 Boer Cross does, or doelings up to around 3-4 years is acceptable.

We want F2 to F5 cross animals and if you want to downsize your current Boer commercial herd or get rid of some goats then we are open to negotiating a price. We don't want your culls of course but we want proven breeders in or out of kid.  Tell us what you have and lets talk business


Goats Wanted NSW

Follow these steps to answer our advertisement

Tell us where you are based

Tell us how many Boer X goats and the ages

Tell us whether they are F2, F3, F4, F5 or F6

Most importantly tell us what you want per head. 

Send us your email and phone contact details

EMAIL us at hoppyngefarm@yahoo.com

Go back to Boer-Goats-Australia.  Contact us to sell your Boer Cross goats.  Goats-Wanted-NSW.

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