Goats-Wanted-Queensland. Whether you want to buy Purebred Boer Goats or some Sanaans, or Anglo Nubians, British Alpines or Toggenburgs, or want Cashmere and Angora goats why not advertise for them for free here. Whether it is for a pet, a lawn mower or for a starter herd this is the place to ask.

If you want Boer Cross meat goats, or some Kalahari Reds then this is the place to do it. So why not list your goat requirements here for FREE. From Bundaberg to Tallebudgera Valley and Toowoomba to Kingaroy there are many goat breeders both small and large looking to buy and sell goat.

Goats-Wanted Queensland

Follow these steps to advertise, and please do not use all capital letters

Insert what goats you want and location

Boer X Goats Wanted – Melbourne – Victoria

Insert your description

i.e. 100 Boer X does, add details such as age, sex, colouring and so on, be descriptive as it will help find the right person with the right goats.

Insert the optional details of Name and Location

Insert your email notification so you get direct response

Go back to Boer-Goats-Australia. If your Goats Wanted advert has less than 30 words it will get rejected. If it has no name, email and/or phone number it will get rejected. Goats-Wanted-Queensland.

Do you want to buy some goats?

If your Goats Wanted advert has less than 30 words it will get rejected. If it has no name, email and/or phone number it will get rejected.

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we have one mother goat and two baby goats(1 female 1 male)tallebudgera 
Not sure what sort of goats we have,as we brought them for our kids 3 months ago from a farmer.We dont have enough grass to keep up their feeds.All three …

I just need to know the prices of boer goats 
We, me and my partner, are looking to buy about 100 (one hundred) of boer goats. We are planning to fly to your site and make a deal with you personally. …

Wanted good milker/s Bundaberg Qld 
have had togs and sanaans milking for 10 years now and am needing one or two fresh milkers to replace oldstock. prefer sanaans but will consider others …

2 x Young Australian Bush Goats - Tallebudgera Valley 
I'd like two young, weaned kid Australian Bush Goats. I want hardy goats to control molasses grass, bana grass and lantana on steep slopes between fruit …

Two Male Goats Wanted - Queensland Not rated yet
me and my family are looking for two male goats, (desexed) Any age but it would be GREAT if it were a Kid (baby Goat)and also would be great if it was …

Miniature Goats Wanted Malaysia Not rated yet
Hello & Greetings , I am from Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia . Have just bought a 3 acres farm( week end home / future retirement home ) and wish to start a breeding …

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