Goats Wanted Queensland

Goats Wanted Queensland. Whether you want to buy Purebred Boer Goats or some Saanens, or Anglo Nubians, British Alpines or Toggenburgs, or want Cashmere and Angora goats why not advertise for them for free here. Whether it is for a pet, a lawn mower or for a starter herd this is the place to ask.

If you want Boer Cross meat goats, or some Kalahari Reds then this is the place to do it. So why not list your goat requirements here for FREE. From Bundaberg to Tallebudgera Valley and Toowoomba to Kingaroy there are many goat breeders both small and large looking to buy and sell goat. Goat production is centred win the central and western regions, and the feral goat harvesting industry is a primary one.  Managed Boer goat herds are also scattered around the state, and of course some very good Boer goat stud enterprises.

Goats Wanted Queensland

Follow these steps to advertise, and please do not use all capital letters. Please don't insert HTML code such as line breaks and bold, it gets rejected. Likewise please refrain from adding link code or inserting anything other than your advert.  The software doesn't like spamming or short SMS style messages. I will deleted posting after 3 months unless you have an advert you want to stay so as to increase your enterprise exposure.

Articles Welcome

If you have an article or anything about Boer goat husbandry, disease management, or absolutely anything that will enhance peoples Boer goat management practices is welcome. Kindly make it 400 words or more and include some images and it will become a page with your stud name and link to your website.  If so please send to me at hoppyngefarm@yahoo.com and I will get it up promptly.

Insert what goats you want and location

Boer X Goats Wanted – Woop Woop - Qld

Insert your description

i.e. 100 Boer X does, add details such as age, sex, colouring and so on, be descriptive as it will help find the right person with the right goats. 

Insert the optional details of Name and Location

Insert your email notification so you get direct response

Go back to Boer Goats Australia. If your Goats Wanted advert has less than 30 words it will get rejected. If it has no name, email and/or phone number it will get rejected. Goats Wanted Queensland.

Do You Want Some Goats in Qld?

If you want some goats then place your FREE advert here, make sure you give all the details and contact information

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