Homerville Ohio, Medina

by Sarah Powell
(Homerville Ohio)

Grade Wether:"Pete" is a handsome 14 month old Pygmy goat. He is black with white dots on his ear. He is very funny because her at my house{ person who is selling him is 9 an her name is Sarah Powell} he always wants more food or awalk so he tries to get more food but it doesn't work out very well because he is sort, and he always wants a nice long walk outside because likes being outside{not in snow or rain} and get fresh air and eat clovers, ah bbuuuut it doesn't workout very well like he exspects it to.Pete is vvveeerrryyy friendly. He is very kind to:horses, other goats {they may bud heads but that just means that they are playing, if they weren't playing Pete or the other goat would run away, because he/she might attack each other}and even kid and adualt friendly. He likes to be walked alot. If I sell him than he needs to ajust to his new home. NOT SELLING FOR A MEAT GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Call or email if interested{or need more info.} Home phone:330-648-2145 Shop phone:330-648-2809 Email:JoeNanP@netscape.com person selling is, Sarah Powell Homerville Ohio,Medina,12980 New london Eastern Rd. 44235{ I am 9 years old and Pete is not beedable and is 14months or 1 year and 2 months old.} please contact me if need more info. or interested! I am asking about $75 dollars or more!. bye from, Sarah Powell

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