Malaysia Goat Expansion

Kota Baharu based company Jihad Ternak aims to be the largest Jamnapari goat producers in the region by 2010. They commenced operations early this year with 2,000 Jamnapari goats in a 100-hectare area in Rong Chenok and already are having enquiries from Saudi Arabia, Brunei, Taiwan and China. They also aim to produce 200 litres of milk, one metric tonne of meat and increase herd by 100 goats a month next year to reach 8,000 goats. With facilities that include 2 large barns and 4 smaller ones, they will expand to breed more goats with target of 20,000 animals by 2010 to supply increasing demands. A new born Jamnapari kid costs RM1,000 and an adult goat of 150kg can be sold for can be sold for RM20,000.

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