Miniature Goats Wanted Malaysia

by Johan Tung
(Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia)

Hello & Greetings , I am from Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia . Have just bought a 3 acres farm( week end home / future retirement home ) and wish to start a breeding programme of Miniature Goats .

Do not believe that there are any Miniature goats here in Kuala Lumpur and hope to later
sell the kids produced as Pets ( not for meat ).

Hope to get your expertise to purchase a good foundation stock of 3-4 Does preferably proven , and better still if just mated by a different Bucks.

As they are to be my foundation stocks , I prefer them and the the stud bucks to be at least Grade B , and Short haired . Hope you are able to do EXPORT , and await your favourable response .

Best regards. Johan Tung. Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia.

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