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Is your Northamptonshire Boer Goat breeding enterprise or farm listed here? There are many smaller breeders who advertise and sell on various local sites and local agricultural newspapers and finding them is not easy. This directory allows easy advertising about your goat raising enterprise

If you are not listed then please complete the form below and I will post all your goat farm details for free. Also add in some images of your goats to show everyone what standards you have and in fact write as much as you think you need to reach out to customers

This listing started after many enquiries from UK Boer Goat breeders advised me how hard it was looking for quality stock, and I also found the same problem.

Find a Northamptonshire Boer Goat Breeder for all your Boer goats and meat goats. This is a great place in England for Boer goats, great hills, great feed and just a great environment for raising happy goats with flavoursome goat meat.

Northamptonshire Boer Goat

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Rachel Webb's Goat Breeding Farm - A very nice farm with lots of goats roaming in the countryside. Rachel Webb East Hunsbury, Northampton, Northamptonshire

Cockerham Boers.  Started business in 2000 and one of the UK’s longest established meat goat herds. They only sell High Quality goats from a meat herd of Boer goats. All goat meat sold only from animals born on the farm site, with guarantee of animal quality of care, prior to and during slaughter. They do not import or buy in any other goat meat to maintain quality.

They use high standards in the hanging and cutting of the meat which is only carried out by a small local licensed butcher.  All kidding is inside well from predators, all the goats have free access to grazing and shelter as far as possible, land only housed in bad weather conditions.  Sharon & Chris Peacock, Cockerham Boers,  Gulf Lane, Cockerham, Lancaster, LA2 OER, 

Are you looking for a Boer Goat Breeder UK. Is your Northamptonshire Boer Goat breeding enterprise or farm listed here?