Nubian eastern Oregon - Burns

by Diane Morgan
(Burns Or.)

Five April 2011 doe kids...all are purebred ,but no papers-

good size- one black and white spotted doe- two black with white stripes and one brown spotted doe. The sire is a black with white stripe buck with white ears ( the breeder called him a royal blue). Their dams are excellent milkers and have beautiful udders.
Three yearling does ,black spotted,all sisters. These are good sized and ready to breed this fall.
One brown 4 year old doe (dry this year as she had five kids last year)...we gave her a rest. Her 2 year old doe black,with a white belt that is milking.
Three buck kids ,one all black,one black belted, and one black ,some white spots.
All are healthy, and on a good mineral ,program and wormed, and feet kept trimmed.
A good home is our main concern.

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