Sable Saanen Buckling , Boulder Creek, CA,95006

by Sarah Shaver
(Boulder Creek CA)

Manly Man

Manly Man

Boulder Creek Goat Farm has one very nice Sable Saanen buckling for sale.

Sable Saanens are big dairy goats that are mellow and love to give lots of milk.

Need goats that give lots of milk than a Saanen is your goat.

Sable Saanens are Saanens who have many colors except white.

Manly is this bucks name and he has a great personality.

Manly has his papers and tattoos.

Do you hate disbudding baby goats? Manly has one other nice thing he could give to your herd. Manly has a gene that stops horn growth. Yes no more horns to disbudd.

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