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The Goat Newsletter, 2008 Issue No.1
January 05, 2008

A Very Happy and Prosperous 2008 to All!

Some of the latest goat news and information from around the world

Madagascar is a Goat Market

Yes it is true. News out of Australia for the Mohair and Boer goat industry, where an estimated 2500 goats are being exported to Madagascar. This is a major coup against market leaders South Africa. The shipment is made up of 465 Angoras and around 2000 Boer and Boer-cross animals, and they are now in pre-shipment quarantine.

No Goat Sex in Public!

If anyone picked up on this story out of Oklahoma this past week, when a poor hapless woman was given two tickets from an over zealous official when her goats were sighted mating and urinating on her property. Evidently the city of Dibble has a law prohibiting any two animals having sex in public within the city limits. And the poor goat isn’t allowed to relieve itself either even if on private property land. One would call the official a goat if it wasn’t unfair on the goats.

Goat Names Do Matter

A story that came out of India during the recent celebration of Eid-ul-Zuha, which marks the end of the Haj has got me thinking. Goat sellers report much better prices for goats with the right name. Given names of well known Bollywood stars and celebrities to match goat traits has resulted in much greater prices. Shahrukh (the name with best return) and Salman have been very profitable. Giving them the right names brings beauty to the goat one dealer has been quoted as saying. Personally I had started calling some on mine after political people, but maybe I better rethink this and there may be some marketing edge for those who export stud animals.

The Rising Australian Dollar (or the Incredible Shrinking US Dollar) Impact Prices

The latter months of 2007 saw impacts on the markets. While the severe drought had an impact so has the currency. Back in September lightweight goats were averaging around 130˘ while heavy weight goats were averaging between 197˘ and 218˘/kg cwt. By the end of September, buyers were starting to reduce rates by up to 20˘/kg cwt based on availability coupled with a lack of overseas demand caused by the high Australian dollar. This trend continued into October and along with the high AUD$ there was decreased market interest from Taiwan that was blamed on locally depressed economic conditions as well as higher than normal warm weather conditions during the traditional goat meat eating period. In addition the over supply of beef and lamb that was being held in cold storage in the USA also helped to displace goat meat. With the long overdue rains falling in November (and it was wonderful and my place looks great and goats think they are in heaven) saw a tightening of rangeland goat supplies.

US Farm Prohibited from Hosting Muslim Goat Sacrifice

In news out of North Carolina, a goat farmer who has been selling goats to Muslims for sacrifices on major Muslim holidays has now been barred by the state from doing so. He has been selling goats to Muslim families on the first day of Eid al-Adha, and this translates as "festival of sacrifice", and then allowed them to perform the ceremonial slaughters on his farm. The government declared this as unsanitary and illegal slaughter practise on his property. Many then took their goats to unknown private locations for the killings, and this is now will not result in prosecutions as it’s a legal gray area. Some customers have been reported as saying they might lobby the state to allow the farm to host the rituals next year.


I am looking for a good source of information for up-to-date Boer goat and meat goat news in the USA, latest prices or national averages, news from goat breeders and more. If you can help let me know at


We had a great week, with two of our top stud breeding does dropping absolutely lovely kids. One set of triplets included two first class buck kids and a doe kid. While a doe with a single birth also dropped a beautiful doe kid. All our stud does are from award winning Australian and South African bloodlines, with many on the South African Register.

The rain has been wonderful and our farm looks great. The dams are full, the pastures are high and I am thankful that I fertilized in the drought as prices are significantly higher now. We also harvested more than a 1000 bales of Lucerne hay, and this now provides feed security in the months ahead and we should get a lovely second cut crop in 6 weeks, this is great as last year we couldn’t harvest as drought suppressed the paddock but with rain and the fertilizer its proved an unexpected bonus. Our new plantation of tree Lucerne is thriving and growing fast in the perfect growing conditions and forms part of our drought proofing strategy. This even more important after experts stated that the very extended drought and dry period over the last 10 years or so may actually be the "new climate".

Some contacted me to ask about how our Maremma goat herd guardians were working out. The answer is great and we are very pleased, they guard day and night and this year virtually no kid losses while last year it was more than 60 plus, so it’s a great investment.

We still have 150 or so Boer cross breed wether kids to sell off from our commercial meat goat herd and they are creeping up towards the 25 kg (60 lbs) ranges which is what market prefers, and the doe kids we still have may be part of an export shipment we hope

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