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The Goat Newsletter, 2008 Issue No.3
January 17, 2008

The Latest Goat News

Some of the latest goat news and information from around the world


The Chattanooga City Council in a great show of green and sustainable conservation thinking has approved procedures that allow people to rent goats for control of kudzu and privet or any other invasive weed species. They say it will work a little like getting a construction permit, and there will be approved goat contractors that people can use. A great business opportunity for some people and now all we need is for all the other councils to approve the same sensible procedures, however when they are fining people in other places for their goats urinating in public it will be a long battle, however with miniature goats allowed in Seattle as pets perhaps people will stop maligning our favourite animals.


A selection of market reports. Goat auctions are held in Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia. (Information Source is the USDA Market News Summary Reports)

WESTERN U.S. DIRECT GOAT REPORT (Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, Dakotas, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Arizona and California) Reports state that goat trading continues to be at a complete standstill. No new reported trades. Demand light for available supplies.

NORTHERN VIRGINIA. Total of 110 and prices were 20-40 116.00, 40-60 108.00-124.00, 60-80 71.00-95.00

TEXAS (SAN ANGELO) All sold per hundred weight (CWT) unless otherwise specified. KIDS: Selection 1 25-40 lbs 110.00-116.00; 40-80 lbs 105.00-115.00, few 115.00-122.00; 80-100 lbs 105.00-111.00. Selection 1-2 25-40 lbs 100.00-110.00; 40-80 lbs 95.00-105.00; 80-100 lbs 95.00-105.00. Selection 2 40-80 lbs 80.00-95.00. DOES/NANNIES: Selection 1-2 80-130 lbs 35.00-45.00; 130-175 lbs 32.00-38.00; thin 70-115 lbs 25.00-35.00. BX/BILLIES: Selection 1-2 80-100 lbs 95.00-100.00; 100-150 lbs 75.00-90.00; 150-250 lbs 70.00-90.00. REPLACEMENT CLASSES: DOES/NANNIES: Selection 1-2 60-115 lbs 50.00-75.00.


We had a bad week, losing two of our quality young full blood does just days apart, the first we suspect was from a snake bite, and the second was probably eating a toxic plant from the symptoms (When will they do a CSI Goats series so those clever folk can work out exactly why the goat died!). This is something all producers and breeders need to keep an eye on. We have only lost 2 animals out of our 450 commercial herd in two years from any cause so this was really a shock to us. Do you have some experiences to share on the subject?

On the positive side, from 8 of our show standard full blood breeding does we have now produced within the last 8 weeks 11 does and 4 bucks. We also lost another young buck kid in its first week and had one still birth doe kid. On the surviving 15 kids that is excellent fertility rate of 2.1 kids per doe and a doe to buck ratio of 75% which is also great. We are well on our way to attaining our core full blood breeding herd of 50 does.


So many various views on this, 75% oats, 5% cracked corn, add in molasses and so on, what is your favourite feed mix recipe for your goats? I will publish some of these next week, email me at


The prices for Over-the-hooks goats has remained almost unchanged from end of 2007, and most processors had enough supplies in the chain. There has been good rainfall around the country and this will tighten supplies as producers take advantage of pastures to fatten up goats and get some condition on them before putting them up for sale. Demand is currently down and trends will be come more visible over the next few weeks. In the Eastern Australian states a total of 3,152 head were slaughtered for the week ending January 4th. Capretto (100% Milk fed) 5-9kg Range 280 315; 0-8kg 100; 8.1-10kg Range 100 147; 10.1-12kg Range 120 -178, 12.1-16kg range 155-185; 16.1-20kg Range 160-188; 20.1kg+ Range 160-190 (Source MLA)


I welcome all goat news whether its about your own goat breeding activities, goat experiences and more. Share it with the rest of us!

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