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The Goat Newsletter, 2008 Issue No.7
March 08, 2008

The Latest Goat News


USA - Getting Started in Dairy Goats

It is a bit late news I know, however Purdue University, West Lafayette, are to sponsor "Getting Started in Dairy Goats" workshop that will educate new goat producers on dairy goat production and management, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday at the LaGrange County 4-H Fairgrounds, LaGrange. Registration is $20; call 260-499-6334 or


Reports are coming in that some 600 rare Himalayan goats that are famed for their cashmere wool have died and many thousands are facing starvation in the remote desert Ladakh region was covered with heavy snow last month. Pastures were completely covered and fodder has run out. Greatest mortality groups were amongst goat kids and many pregnant does have miscarried.


Some miserable thieves have stolen 2 Nubian goats from a Tucson family, and these supply milk to a 22-year-old woman who suffers from cerebral palsy. She has been drinking goat milk from age 5 years and this allowed the underweight girl to grow and gain weight, and completely changed her health for the better. A very generous Tucson woman had kindly donated another Nubian goat to the family. The Tucson police are investigating the goat theft.


Reports state that some 70 goats were found killed or injured by an unidentified predator in the Bidea district. They suspect that deaths may be caused by a lion cub that was reported as escaped however a similar attack on 20 goats last year also occurred.


Over the hook rates over all categories continued to fall with the record high Australian dollar $A putting a squeeze on goat exporter margins. Lack of demand from overseas has also contributed particularly from the usually good US market as the US economy remains uncertain and bordering on recession. Many other overseas markets are also seeking cheaper sources of protein that include chicken and mutton. The eastern states goat kill, week ending 28th February totalled 19,521 head.

Capretto (100% Milk fed) 5-9kg 280 to 315, 0-8kg 70 to 145, 8.1-10kg 70 to 172, 10.1-12kg 140 to 177, 12.1-16kg 140 to 177, 16.1-20kg 140 to 166, 20.1kg+ 140 to 162. All indicators are sharply down.


A selection of US Goat market reports. Goat auctions are held in Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia. Information Source is the USDA Market News Summary Reports

WESTERN U.S. DIRECT GOAT REPORT (Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, Dakotas, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Arizona and California) Reports state that goat trading continues to remain at a complete standstill. No new reported trades. Demand light for available supplies.

TEXAS (SAN ANGELO) All sold per hundred weight (CWT) unless otherwise specified SLAUGHTER CLASSES: KIDS: Selection 1 25-40 lbs 132.00-136.00, set 146.00; 40-60 lbs 140.00-159.00; 60-80 lbs 140.00-155.00; 80-100 lbs 120.00-122.00, 80-105. lbs shorn show goats 88.00-95.00. Selection 1-2 25-40 lbs 109.00-128.00; 40-80 lbs 119.00-140.00. Selection 2 25-40 lbs 100.00-105.00; 40-80 lbs 100.00-120.00. DOES/NANNIES: Selection 1-2 80-130 lbs 50.00-60.00; 130-160 lbs 50.00-58.00; thin 70-115 lbs 25.00-45.00. BX/BILLIES: Selection 1-2 80-100 lbs 85.00-95.00; 100-150 lbs 90.00-110.00; 150-250 lbs 78.00-98.00. REPLACEMENT CLASSES: DOES/NANNIES: Selection 1 bred nannies 64.00-71.00 per head. Selection 1-2 60-115 lbs 60.00-89.00 cwt. Pairs: Selection 1 mixed age nannies with baby to 30 lbs kids 46.00 per head. Source USDA-TEXAS Dept of Ag Market News, San Angelo, Texas

EASTERN CORN BELT (includes IL.,IN.,OH.,MI.) Trade and demand light to moderate, with moderate offerings. Slaughter goats sold steady. Trade and demand light to moderate, with an additional 1198 head of goats. Offerings light. 1-2: 28.00-30.00. Slaughter Goats (cwt.): Kids: Selection 1: 40-60 lbs 125.00; 60-80 lbs 120.00. Selection 2: 40-60 lbs 120.00. Bucks/Billies: Selection 2: 100-150 lbs 65.00. Does/Nannies: Selection 2: 70-100 lbs 45.00. Selection 3: 70-100 lbs 40.00.

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