Australian Goat Report July 11

by John Payne

Information from the Australian MLA. Export goat rates have increased over the past week rising to a top of 250¢/kg cwt, despite fluctuating supply over recent weeks with lower Australian dollar helping export demand and increasing rates.

Very dry weather conditions during the summer months which continued into the second quarter (May to June) of 2013 resulted in an increase in goat supply. The end of autumn saw widespread rain over much of eastern Australia, which tightened supply and slaughter, resulting in a dearer price trend.

Goat exports during the second quarter of 2013 totalled 6,917 tonnes swt, up 25 % on the corresponding period last year (5,552 tonnes swt). There was a rise in export volumes across most major markets, as shipments to the US increased 13% year-on-year, to 3736 tonnes swt. Shipments to Taiwan increased 25% year-on-year, to 998 tonnes swt. Goat meat exports to Malaysia dropped 40% on last year, to 282 tonnes swt.

There was only a relatively small yarding of 2,650 goats for the bi-monthly Dubbo goat sale. There were some very good quality Boer and Boer cross billy and nanny goats yarded, along with a good selection of well finished wethers. Included in the yarding was 1,150 rangeland goats, consisting of mainly nanny goats. There was solid competition from a normal group of processor operators and live exporters. There was also strong support for the better quality full blood Boer billy goats.

Breeders competed strongly on the better quality full blood Boer billys with young billys selling from $35 to $50/head. Working age billys sold to breeders from $100 to $160/head. The balance of the Boer and Boer cross billy goats sold to restocker and processor buyers from $30 to $70/head. Prime conditioned wethers sold to processors from $41 to $74/head, while the lighter and younger wethers sold to live exporters from $20 to $47/head.

Just under 1,000 Boer and Boer cross nanny goats sold to processor, restocker and live export buyers. Young, small goats ranged in price from $12 to $21/head. The better quality and old nanny goats sold from $27 to $62/head, with most of the competition coming from processors

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