Boer, boer cross, kikos and kiko cross

by Staci Davis
(Manzanola Colorado)

I live in Manzanola Colorado on 17 acres. Five of which I am dedicating for goats. I am looking to start my own breeding stock for multiple purposes. I am a stay at home mom of two young girls. I am starting from scratch with limited resource. I am currently on SSI and wanting to be self sufficient and provide a better future for my children. I have been around many types of livestock all my life. I am needing help in starting a basic foundation to start our future investments. My animals are loved and cared for around the clock. I am needing a small trailer and goats. I am also looking for anyone willing to work with me as far as replacement of your considerable help. I would be willing to house goats in exchange for goats as long as you provide your own feed. I would also be willing to give a pick of the kids when they are born with the exception of needing some kids to cover my cost of expenses. I am reaching out to Goat farmers in Colorado. If you are unable to help please pass this on to someone you might know that has the ability to help. My number is 719-220-4119 Staci Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.

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