Boer Breeders Goat Ohio List 2

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Boer Breeders Goat Ohio

Blue Ribbon Boers and Nubians We have been raising red, paint, and traditional Boers for 12 years. We specialize in raising quality competitive market wethers and does. Bluffton,

Gloryroad Boer Goats Aberdeen, John and Sandra Conley.

Goettemoeller Farms Celina Ohio. Mark Goettemoeller

Gold Strike Boer Goats Scottown, Curt and Teresa Elliott. 

Gnomes Hollow Mark Center. Yvonne.

His Grace Farm Mogadore, Ron and Vicki White.

Harriman Family Farms Mansfield, Ohio Matt, Carrie, Madeline, Kiley, Savanna. Logan, and Hayden Harriman 

Hetrick Goat Farm. Lindsey, Ohio Susie Hetrick. 

HME Boer Goats Waverly/Piketon, Ohio Heather Entler and Robert Thompson

H & H FARMS Marysville. Jeannene Henault. Boer Goats-Full blood, Percentages, Market kids, Show and club goats, pet quality pygmy goats, Anatolian Shepherds (LGD), 

HICKORY RIDGE FARM Port Washington, Michael Miller,

Jade Boer Goats Seville Ohio Jim and Darla Eberly 

Jam-Boer- E Farm Brookville, Ohio Jane Rose, Amanda & Mike Gibson 

Boer Breeders Goat Ohio

Josha Livestock Johnstown, Joe and Shauna Cline. 

JP Boer Goats Lancaster, OH Hector, Julie and Jordan Feliciano 

JS Farm Paris, OH Jon and Susie Kinsey

KING CHARLES BOER GOATS. Mansfield, Matt Moravy. 

K & R Boer Goats. Eaton, Ohio Kathy German & Ralph Cottingim

KB Boer Goats. Urbana, OH Don Barger 

Kelly Boer Goats. Hamersville, OH Robby Kelly 

Kerri's Kritters. Cadiz, OH Adam, Kerri, Wesley and Andrea Kaurich

K&J Pygmies and Boers. Zanesville OH

Knockout Farms. Harrod, OH John & Kristen Gossard

Kraner Farms. Central Ohio. Justin Hage

Lee Ann's Goats. Brown County, Ohio Lee Ann Gauche

Little Patch Farm. Xenia, Ohio Joel, Cathy, Taylor, and Nathan Ferguson

Lucky 7 Farms. Wapakoneta, OH Nancy &Chad Steinke

LAKEVIEW FARM Proctorville. Roland Hayes. 

Lake Vue Farm Perrysville, Greg and Kristi Rogers.

LONG RUN FARM Lebanon. Betty Stegemoller.

Lone Wolf Boers Shreve. Jeff and Molly Ramseyer Family.

M.A.S. FARM Findlay, Ohio. Marvin Smith. 

M&M Boer Goats Creola, Jim and Frances McManis.

Boer Breeders Goat Ohio

Morgoats of Ohio New Richmond. Ed Morgan.,

M&C FARMS Springfield. Cynthia Westfall.

Maple View Goat Farm Jefferson, Ohio Tim Richmond

Mann Family Farm Baltimore, Todd.

Not So Boering Goat Farm Orient, Ohio Tom & Cassie Weatherhead.

CHERRY HILL BOER GOAT (Cambridge, Ohio). Jenny Cherry. 65180 Mathews Road Cambridge, Ohio 43725. 

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Blue Ribbon Boers and Nubians