Boer-Goat-Idaho Breeders

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Boer-Goat-Idaho Breeders

GRAYS CREEK RANCH - We started our Boer goat business three years ago and loving every minute of it. We have percentage Boer and Saanen. Lisa Shine. 2355 S. Grays Creek, Indian Valley. ID. 83632.

Morning Sun Boer Goat Ranch - We are raising mainly fullblood Boer goats. We have a couple purebred does and 1 percentage doe. We are trying to keep our herd small so it is easier for us to manage, and also so we can raise quality goats. Leah and Cory White, 13266 Allgood Lane, Cataldo, Idaho, 83810 E-mail:

GIFFORD ACHE-R-AGE - We live at New Plymouth Idaho. We raise Full Blood, Purebred, and Percentage Boers. We keep around 50 to 60. We have traditional, paints, and solid reds. Contact: Wayne Gifford E-mail:, URL:, PO Box 81, New Plymouth, Idaho, 83655, 

Salubria Valley Meat Goats - Mikel Wallace 2878 Fort Road, Cambridge, ID 83610.

Bear Bottom Farm - Dale and Teresa Morlan 376620 Highway 95, DeSmet, ID 83824

Indian Head Farm - We are located just outside the historical town of Wesier, Idaho, beneath Indian Head Mountain. Our goal is to raise healthy, happy goats while sharing our knowledge with all who would ask. The Hernandez Family 781 Pringle Rd. Weiser, Idaho. 83672 hornsnogle @

Boer-Goat-Idaho Breeders

Copper Penny Ranch - Camille and Dan O'Connor PO Box 801, Athol, ID 83801.

Sand Creek Boers - Garth and Ruthelda Holm 786 E 900 N, Shelley, ID 83274

Sterner Farms Boers - We are located in Pingree, ID. We are just 15 miles Southwest of Blackfoot. We raise seed stock, commercial does and bucks, as well as top notch wethers for show. Our goal for all our customers is that they have a "great Goat experience" We educate and inform our clients as well as ourselves constantly. Our goal for our does to be fantastic mothers, milk well and our kids have vitality when they hit the ground. Our bucks pass on meat and bone structure to ensure that we are raising "meaty meat goats". If you are interested in purchasing quality animals, please give us a call or visit us on the web at Boer-Goat-Idaho

MEYER'S - Gary W. & Greta L. Meyer. 50 North 100 West Jerome, Idaho 83338

WOLFMOON - Betty Cory. 150 Little Carpenter Cr. Rd. Fernwood, Idaho 83830. 

SALUBRIAVA VALLEY MEAT GOATS - Mikel Wallace. 2878 Fort Rd. Cambridge, Idaho 83610. Boer-Goat-Idaho

DESERT STAR RANCH - Becky Gates. Caldwell, Idaho. 

Boer-Goat-Idaho Breeders

Legends Farm Colored Boer. Producers of colored Boer goats and Sport horses. Fullblood, Percentage and Commercial Boer goats. Located in North Idaho. email:

Weiser River Boer Goats. Located On Weiser River Road just 5 miles East of Historic Weiser Idaho. We raise fullblood, purebred, and percentage boar goats. We are very active with 4-H and strive to raise healthy strong kids. We are at 1851 Weiser River Rd, Weiser, Idaho. Ed and Terry Watts. Give us a call or drop an e-mail at

Clearwater Ranch Boers. Well the story goes we started out with getting 2 goats to utilize as weed burners. From there it grew into a 4-H project for our daughter which then evolved into our raising and breeding the Boer Goats. At first we couldn't comprehend how one little goat could cost so much, but we soon found out. We started with the 2, bought 2 more and they kept coming until we ended up with 12 does and 2 bucks. We bred six of our does that kidded this February, (we also learned you don't pasture breed because chances are good they will all kid around the same time and they did!) we ended up with 12 healthy, vibrant and beautiful babies. So that is the gist of our story and on top of our kids and all the 4-H we have met and been blessed with friends that we now consider family. Thank you to everyone out there who has gave us advice, taught and showed us the way. We are a work in progress but we are getting there and we have had so much FUN in the process! Thank you, The Davis Family.

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