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WORBES BOER GOATS Worbes Boer Goats raises %Boer in Southwest Oklahoma. We focus on show prospects for 4-H and FFA students. Roe Worbes, 3013 Garrison Rd. Altus, Oklahoma, 73521. E-mail:

Double C Exotics - At Double C Exotics we raise Quality Full Blood and Percentage Boer Goats. We are located in S.E. Oklahoma just short drive from Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana. Our emphasis is on breeding healthy, hardy, top quality, meaty Boer goats, for breeding, show, pets and meat production. 

WindFall Farms - We're located in NE OK, and breed primarily percentage Boer Goats, though we are adding Fullbloods as well. We have prices to fit any budget, and a wide variety of color. We really want a hardy, low maintenance tough animal, that we can rely on to give us healthy twins and care for them with limited intervention. We select for milk and muscle production, as well as temperament, parasite resistance and longevity, among a host of other things. We usually have something for sale, or getting close...and you can email us if you'd like something specific. Doeling above is out of our SR Buck, JRJ SandStone Gunslinger, and a red paint commercial doe who will be for sale this fall (bred the same way). She's 2 months old here. 

BROKEN S RANCH - At Broken S Ranch we concentrate primarily on the open show market but we also have club show animals available, and we have superior breeding stock available at all time, both bucks and does are sound and meet ABGA breed standards. Our word is our bond and you will get exactly what is agreed upon. Goats raised on our ranch will be correct in lineage period, no false registration will even be considered. Buy from Broken S Ranch with complete confidence 

 CENTENNIAL BOER GOATS We have excellent quality Boer, Boer cross, and Spanish breeding stock for sale. Our does are excellent producers, and our bucks will put meat on your market kids. We also have several Great Pyrenees guardian dogs available. Lynda Sloneker. 1 Plaza South PMB 150, Tahlequah, Oklahoma, 74464. E-mail:

DAISY MAE RANCH Daisy Mae Ranch is a producer of full South African Boer Goats using Codi/PCI genetics. Home of Ennobled Renoir's Codi, a full Codi/PCI Champion Sire. Codi produces consistency in his off-spring being reproductions of himself generation after generation. Our Codi/PCI consists of Renoir's Codi, Kaptein, Tsjaka, LeRoy, Runt, Renoir, Bosque Valley General, Red Eagle, Kalani et. al. We have been raising boers since 1993 as well as Nubian Dairy Goats. We are producing out of 100-120 Brood Does with many being full Codi/PCI. We have approximately 30 Brood Does that are direct daughters of Ennobled Sires i.e. Top Gun No.2, Gunsmoke, Ty, Renoir's Codi, Sumo, Extra Damage, an Ennobled son of Ennobled Collateral Damage. Our objective is quality and our mission is quantity inorder to provide the best in Show and Breeding at affordable prices for most any budget. Contact us by phone, e-mail or web-site. We just may have what you are looking for at a price you can afford. We also have packages at reduced prices. Malcolm Branch. 4085 Jones Road, Okmulgee, OK, 74447,  E-mail:, 

JARM RANCH The Jarm Ranch is a subsidary of Daisy Mae raising full blood South African Boer Goats for Show and Breeding. Roger, Beggs, OK,  E-mail:

YESSIRGOATS At YESSIR we breed 100% bucks and does. Super trick bloodlines 9 nobles and South African stud (great grand sire #946-038) All of the goats are on pasture given daily supplements 16% protein min. Plus all quarterly and yearly boosters Percentages are available on a regular basis. Contact Todd Begley. 8156 W 480, Pryor, OK, 74361. E-mail:

OKLAHOMA CODI/PCI PREMIUM BREEDEROklahoma Breeder of Premium Codi/PCI Genetics. Home of Ennobled Renoir's Codi, a full Codi/PCI Ennobled Champion Sire and youngest Buck to become Ennobled in the United States producing generation after generation of Show and Breeding Stock with consistency typical of the Codi/PCI. Malcolm Branch,, P.O. Box 88. Beggs, OK 74421,  All about boer-goat-oklahoma and about meat goat farming


J & A Boer Goat Ranch We are located approximately 39 miles South of Tulsa off of Highway 75 in Okmulgee County. We raise and breed Full South African Boers for show and breeding. Our goat operation is a subsidiary of the Daisy Mae Ranch located in close vicinity to our Ranch. Call us at 918-267-3537  Contact Roger & Michaela Smith, 4205 Jones Road, Okmulgee, Oklahoma 74447. All about boer-goat-oklahoma and about meat goat farming

Brandenburg Boer Goat Farm We raise quality 100% Full Blood Boers and 100% Full Blood South African Boers for herd improvement and wethers. Louise Brandenburg,,  12806 CR 5701, Fairfax, Oklahoma, 74637. 

Quartz Mountain Boer Goats Robert Chain 1405 North Lee, Altus, OK 73521 

W3Ranch Don and Sue Webb RT2 Box 208a, Konawa, OK 74849

Hummingbird Hill Farm Vince and Margaret Espinoza 23807 N 5 Mile Road, Ft. Gibson, OK 74434 

Bake Ranch Rex & Ellen Stahlman Of Wilburton, Oklahoma 

D & C Goat Ranch David and Cherri Stephens HC 73 Box 1, Leon, OK 73441 All about boer-goat-oklahoma and about meat goat farming

C2 Ranch DeRon CallRR 1 Box 231B, Wynnewood, OK 73098

Bountiful Farm Dan and Paula Lane33372 Calhoun Road, Shady Point, OK 74956 

Rymik Goat FarmClint, Michelle, Ryan, and Mikaela Blakemore 471 Hospital Road, Wilson, OK 73463

Rockin D RanchTina and David Dale Rt. # 3 Box 2700, Stilwell, OK 72690 


Round Bottom Ranch Gene and Tina Blackwell HC 64, Box 4395, Heavener, OK 74937   All about boer-goat-oklahoma and about meat goat farming

Big Rock BoersDavid and Rhonda Edens Route 2,Bixby, OK 74008

Broken S Ranch Cecil and Sharon Swepston 24804 S. 390 Road, Fort Gibson, OK 74434 

Blue Ribbon Boers Jim Daniel 11943 Highway 3E, Earlsboro, OK

LEANIN R ACRES. Wiley Robison. 21250 E. Hwy 28A #B Chelsea, Oklahoma 74016. 

SHECHAM RANCH. Danny Thompson. 45501 Hardesty Rd. Shawnee, Oklahoma 74801. 

GATLIN BOER GOATS. Raymond Gatlin. 42150 W. 61st St. South Jennings, Oklahoma 74038.  All about boer-goat-oklahoma and about meat goat farming

BROKEN ARROW RANCH. Mary Dimmitt. 8975 S. 29th St. Tonkawa, Oklahoma 74653. 

TJC BOER GOATS. Kevin Richmond. 71581 South 280 Rd. Wagoner, Oklahoma 74467. 

ROCKING M RANCH SHOW GOATS. Jim Matt. Norman, Oklahoma 73026. All about boer-goat-oklahoma and about meat goat farming

GRANDE AMOUR BOER GOATS. Tom Dugas, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 74857.

J & A RANCH. Roger Smith. 4205 Jones Rd. Okmulgee, Oklahoma 74447. 

ALL SEASONS FARM. Lanny or Barbara L. Cartwright. 9805 W. 133 rd. St. S. Oktaha, Oklahoma 74450. 

NOTA LOTA RANCH. Abby Faye. RR1 Box 144 Seminole, Oklahoma 74868.

Choate Valley Boer Goats - We are located SE of Seminole, Oklahoma. We have a large selection of quality Boer does and bucks. We also raise Anatolian Shepard/Great Pyrenees livestock guard dogs., they are all white and short hair. Choate Valley Boer Goats, P. O. Box 65, Seminole, OK 74818-0065, 

Triple 3 Goat Ranch - Here at the Triple 3 we raise Registered ABGA & IBGA FullBlood, Purebred & Percentage Boer Goats. We are located in Nowata,OK. We offer 4-H & FFA Specials for the Student and breeding stock for breeders. We raise healthy, show quailty, good comformation & lots of muscle breeding stock. Our Sires are 4KIDS Bruiser son of 4KIDS Buttmaster*Dual*Ennobled & DFR Duke son of EGGStended Forecast*Ennobled* Check out our website for more information & pictures of our goats. We are NE Oklahoma Dealers for FeedinaDrum

SWAJC Ranch - Where we got our name was the first letter of the families name S=Stan, W=Wanda, A=Amanda, J=Joshua, C=Casey. We have about 54 100% boer goats we started with about three goats from my uncle and just kept raising them from there. We have been in the goat business since about 1999-Present. The three kids show goats they get 1st-2nd place every show. In the ten years they have shown every year and have made premium sale every year. We plan on keeping in the goat business for a few more years (unless feed prices don't drop).

The best Breeders-Boer-Goats information. All about boer-goat-oklahoma and about meat goat farming

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Double C Exotics
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