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Pleasant Valley Goat Farm. We are located near Custer, South Dakota in the Black Hills and service a wide area of the upper Midwest. Goats are raised under the name of Black Hills Boer Goats for breed stock, show, and commercial use. Tom or Susan Barnes, 11778 Pleasant Valley Rd, Custer, SD 57730,

Dakota Hills Boer Goats - We are located on a small acreage in eastern South Dakota. We have an assortment of colored, registered Boer goats including solid red, solid black, paints, mahagany-colored, spotted, traditional and black-headed traditionals. Jodi & Curt Meier, Alcester, SD,

Rolling Prairie Boer Goats - We are a small family farm located in the southeast part of South Dakota near Garretson. We bought our first Boer goat in July of 2010 and have been building our herd ever since. We strive to focus on mixing some of the best genetics in the industry with quality care and maintenance to produce a product that meets the Breed Standards for show and market set out by the ABGA. Rolling Prairie Goats is owned and operated by Bruce and Doreen Hanson. Our herd consists of world class genetics featuring ennobled bloodlines in our ABGA registered Full Bloods, Purebreds and Percentages. We offer Traditional, Reds, Blacks, Paints, Spotted and Dappled Boers. We take pride in maintaining a healthy herd, keeping up-to-date on vaccinations and documenting the meds given, and striving for long-term success of the herd, rather than taking short-cuts for short-term rewards. 48050 253rd Street, Garretson, SD 57030,


Lazy J Ranch Boer Goats - we are producing kids that will perform in the show ring while trying to keep the Boer standards. We run a doe herd of about 70 head of Registered and Commercial Boer does. Our commercial does are 7/8 Boer and higher. I searched the internet in the spring of 2011 looking for Bucks that could produce kids with plenty of bone and muscle in an attractive package. John and Stephanie Jung Family, 36813 131st Street, Mina, SD 57451,

ML RANCH - We have Boer & Spanish Goats For Sale all year round. Mitch Caffee,
Wessington Springs. SD.

MOEKNOWS BOER GOATS. - Richard & Vikki Eilts. 30287 Frog Creek Rd. Wakonda, South Dakota 57073.  

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