Boer Goats for Sale - NC

by Ralph
(Candler, N. C., USA)

twin does born June 16 w/ Dam

twin does born June 16 w/ Dam

Big-boned and broad twin does born 16 June. These are traditionally-colored and should be ready for spring breeding. The Dam was estimated to weigh 150 pounds and the sire at over 225. They are $150 cash each.

I also have a buck from the same sire born 16 May. His Dam is the twin of the doelings' Dam and he, too, is a twin. He is traditionally colored also. He is $125 cash.

I also have another buck from the same sire and a very heavy milking Alpine nanny born on March 24. He pretty much carries the traditional Boer coloring, although with a more brownish shade. He was estimated to weigh over 100 pounds and is ready for breeding now. He is $100 cash.

You may reach me at 828-691-1880 before 1:30 pm.

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