Boer Goats Import for breeding

by Paul Chang
(Seoul, Korea)

Sorry, I have nothing to talk about Boer Goats but, seriously looking for supplier in Aussie, as below spec.

1. 1 year old mixed blood
2. White, black, brown any colours OK
3. 250 of male and 2,250 of female goats (Total 2,500)
4. Payment : L/C at sight non partial shipment
5. Pregnant female goats are welcomed
6. Quarantine Certificate of each goat is important

I hope to have your quotation and delivery condition from Aussie to Korea.
Pls let me know how long does it take to collect & physical check for 2,500 goats in your pasture?

How about to have chartered airplane in Aussie?

According to your response we'll make a plan to visit Sidney for site survey and contract signing.

Awaiting your prompt response,

Best regards,
Paul Chang
T.822 2634 9760
F.822 2634 9763
C.8210 2537 7147

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