Boer Goats South Australia Breeders who wish to add more details to their listing should complete the form and you get your own web page but add an image also for maximum effect. If you don't want to use Facebook, don't have the money or more importantly the time to create a website then I can help.

If you want to create a basic web presence then I can create a free page here. What I do need from you is at least 400 pages describing your goat enterprise or farm, what you do, your goat rearing aims and philosophy. Share you successes and also your learnings with everyone and get your business known. Also I would like several great farm or goat images so I can create some great content that is all about you. So drop me a line at and see how I can help.  Tell everyone about your operation, awards and other useful information.

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Boer Goats South Australia

If you have goats for sale then use the free listing page and tell the world. A good description is useful along with your contact details and website. There are quite a few Boer goat breeders down in South Australia, and finding them is not always easy. 

Inman Boers, Monika Bertram, Victor Harbor, South Australia,

C.L. Evans and M. J. Leopardi, Crafers, Sth Aust

John Fuller, Cockatoo Valley, Sth Aust

Wintercreek, J Harrington and P Robertson, Norton Summit,

Georgell Boers, Pinnaroo, Sth Australia. Based in Western Flat (near Bordertown, South Australia) Georgell Boers is a stud producing premium meat goats for the Australian & International markets. The proprietor, John Fuller is the current Chair of the SA Branch of Boer Goat Breeders Association. You can find them on Facebook at

Karbo Boer Goats, Tintinara, Sth Aust,

Eyreboer, KJ and DF Simpson, Port Lincoln, Sth Aust,

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