coffee tree farm registered purebrd nubians

by Jo Ann Bland
(Bardstown, Kentucky, USA)

beautiful purebred registered nubian goats. excellant genetics. show and dairy quality. Keinan lineage and kecmr lineage. one buck of highest quality. his dam was strahl's kalidescope's may and sire was d.l.

goodyear. d.l. goodyear was shown at the indiana double ring goat show and placed grand, best of show and 1st place. goodyear is owned by Rob Smith in St. Paul Indiana. Rob Smith studies genectics for his outstanding goat herd. My goat herd is all registered, cae neg, all shots, health records and are gentle and pampered. I have only 2 bucks that are for sale. If you are looking for a black and white spotted buck,good show quality and improving your herd then this buck is offered at $375.00 The second buck is of kemcr lineage and the sire of this buck again was d.l. goodyear. He is offered no less than $500.00. He is a bargain at that price. Goodyear was sold from Rob Smith bought him in Oklahoma.
This is my first time to list my goats. all of my goats have been bottle fed. I have spent lots of time with hands on which helps with goats being gentle. At this time I do not have a picture of my goats but will add them later. you may cal me at 1-502-348-1151. my address jo ann bland @ 980 mccubbins lane bardstown, kentucky. #40004 we have a 70 acre farm where we raise beef cattle, llamas and alpacas. our guard animals is our llamas and alpacas. we have alpacas and llamas for sale. we need more barn space for our goats. nubian goats are my favorite because they are so affectionate and i make cheese which it is the best for cheese making. i will always have nubians and strive to keep my goat herd in the top quality of goats.

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