D&L Oak Creek Farms

by Dave & Lois Wakeland
(Avon Park, FL, USA)

6 month old Kiko buckling

6 month old Kiko buckling

Dave & Lois Wakeland,

2635 North Thomas Rd.,
Avon Park, FL 33825,

We are breeding Boer with Kiko & Nubians for hardiness and great milk production. We are excited to introduce our new farm. Right now, our operation is small with just one Kiko doe, one Nubian doe, one Nubian cross w/Kiko doe and five Boer does. We also have a Kiko buck with a Kiko buckling that is 6 months old, a Kiko cross buckling that is 3 months old and a Boer buckling that is 3 months old, with three Boer doelings and a Kiko cross doeling. Our goats are not registered. We are in the business to produce hardy cross breeds as we believe the Boer/Kiko/Nubian crosses will be great meat goats. D&L Oak Creek Farms is wanting to produce not only meat, but also hardy meat goats to sell more for the small hobbie farms as the demand is there. Visit us at www.oakcreekfarms.webs.com.

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Jun 01, 2010
by: Rick Hall

One of the hardiest breeds I've come across are Nigerians, especially the larger bred ones, since they are bred for production and not for show. I have a mostly large bred herd of Nigerians, you can find me in here. I got my large Nigerian billy from someone who saved him as a kid, so I have no papers and no chance of getting papers for him. He is too big for show anyway, as he is more than likely the result of the many people who are trying to create a new, large breed of Nigerian. It might be worth checking out. My billy probably weighs 250lbs.+

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