England Goat War

A rather well known and "notorious" herd of wild goats has wreaked havoc to a north Devon village in England. Some dozen bucks managed to cross a £40,000 cattle grid (gee and thats considered a feat, rather easy for a goat) which was installed to keep them out of the picturesque village of Lynton. The goats, or their ancestors have roamed the Valley of Rocks near Lynmouth for hundreds of years, and have divided the villagers. Some of these villagers have claimed they are destructive and dangerous pests (how dumb they are), while others (the smart ones) say they are an important tourist drawcard. Back in May 2005, the goats were granted a reprieve when the town council abandoned the plans to cull them, and decided on installing the grid. (What happens when council goats dont consult those who know goats). It only took the goats a few months (actually it was minutes but they probably acted dumb to make everyone feel better) to learn how to "tip-toe" over the grid to get back into the village, and where they have been happily eating the flowers in the cemetery and damaging gardens, along with the local cricket pitch (now that is a crime, however damaging! what? that short mown grass? see how they blame goats for everything) They say they dont think there is a cattle grid to keep them out. That is what as known as mesh fence!

The 80-strong goat herd grazes in the 300-acre valley in Exmoor National Park and was mentioned in the Domesday Book. I have to laugh at this one as I watched my herd sneak over my own cattle grid recently, talk about easy challenge.

Well they gave up so the “genocide” solution is being activated. A local activist group, known as the Lynton Feral Goat Preservation Society, are fighting the mindless decision by the local council. Back in March, 12 green peppers laced with poison similar to rat poison were found near to where the goats roam as someone tried to get them, Gee they don’t know much about goats I think! The 80 goats in the herd grazes in the 300-acre valley in Exmoor National Park and are a tourist attraction, SAVE THE GOATS

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