Foster Home for your unwanted Goats in Alabama

by Howard Lofton
(Georgiana ,Alabama USA)

Let your unwanted Goats live in paradise plenty of briars / Privet hedge , Weeds and good 6foot fencing to protect them from preditors . If you have some you do not want are can not feed them in the winter then comeon down to central Alabama and let them live in peace and enjoy their life .

This will help me in cleaning up about 5 acres of woodland under brush and they will be happy .

I feed my goats Sweet Feed . Hay and they always have plenty of water they are my pets .

Thank You call Howard 251-219-4202 after 5p.m. and before 9p.m.

My goats welcome yours I am not looking to buy your goats but will take care of the ones you do not want anymore .

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