Goat Blood MS Treatment

by John

Multiple sclerosis (MS) sufferers are reported to be spending £19,000 (USD$35,000) a year for unproven product and creating large debts to pay for an MS treatment derived from goats' blood in the UK, and of course there is no scientific research to prove that it works. The MS Society is rightly concerned about promotion and sales of the treatment, known as Aimspro, to people suffering with the progressive and they have made a call to the sellers Daval International, to put the drug through proper trials.

Concerns area also being raised about a registered charity known as Proventus, which was specifically created to lobby for greater access to Aimspro. Aimspro is evidently made from the blood of goats that have been injected with killed HIV virus. The theory behind this is that the antibodies that are produced stimulate the body's immune system against MS. The patients pay out £180 (USD$350) a vial with 2 injections a week recommended

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