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Goat Breeders India

Osmanabadi Goat Farm.  We provide you the pureline breeding osmanabadi goats at reasonable prices. These Osmanabadi goats are selected by the veterinary doctors, you will get the best of female goat s(does), which yields plenty of milk(1-2ltr per day) and kids (4-8 per yr).

The best part of these Osmanabadi goats is that, they can accommodate easily in any part of the country, they are disease resistant so that they provide you huge profit in lesser time. They eats any farm fodder, vegetables, grass, pulp of pulses which are usually thrown by the farmers as waste part. Mortality rate of kids and does is negligible when they are vaccinated properly. Start your goat farm business with these specially selected osmanabadi goats and earn handsome profit. This breed is considered useful both for meat and milk. All our goats are healthy and vaccinated which are certified by reputed veterinary doctors.
To know more visit our website www.goatfarm.co.in  List Goat Breeders India enterprise here

Osmanabadi Goat Farm

Al Buraq Goat Farm  We have purebreed sirohi, sojat goat for sale. We have beautiful 100+kg Goat For Eid-ul-Azha. 

Al Buraq Goat Farm India

Apex Farms  We, at Apex Farms India are pleased to provide full service for sacrificial goats of major breeds. You may choose from pictures provided on our website (at Facebook: Apex Farms India) and transport them to your sacrificial site. Or we can arrange delivery to your address.

For all our overseas buyers/sacrificers, we can also arrange to slaughter them for you at our site arrange distribution of meat to institutional charities, orphanages and similar charitable organisations.

This service is especially for our overseas and outstation customers who may not have access to facilities for personally sacrificing/slaughtering the goats and reaching them to the poor and needy.

Prices are per goat and ex our farm near Pune, or Ajmer farm in India. Any queries in this respect may be forwarded to apexfarmsindia@gmail.com

Or call us on 09623128706 or 09881726307 List Goat Breeders India enterprise here

Goat Breeders India

Vijay Farms-Boer Goats - Tamilnadu  We are the largest Pure Boer breeder in Tamilnadu. We also Breed Pure malabari goats. Breeds available for sale: Pure Boer, Boer cross, Malabari, Pure Malabari. Complete Goat farm consultancy

Our Farm Address
Vijay Goat farms, Thirunandipuram village, Villupuram district. Tamilnadu.
Contact person: K.Venkatesh
Contact no:08903471006,09843071006

Alliance Agro Farms. Andhra Pradesh, India.
M.No-+91 99636 57777
List Goat Breeders India enterprise here

Alliance Agro India

United Goat Farm - Maharashtra.  We provide all types of goat breeds including Boar, Sirohi, Jamunapari and Osmanabadi for meat and breeding. We are specialized in Osmanabadi breed and can provide goats for regular meet and Eid purpose. Please visit our website or email us on contact@unitedgoatfarm.com, sales@unitedgoatfarm.com or unitedgoatfarm@gmail.com.

Shine Farms We are showing our interested in working with you on your project, we can not only supply you Pure Line and certified quality of Osmanabadi Breeding goats which can be suitable for any type of Indian Climate but also we can act as your Design and Supervision Consultant and help you to Design a sustainable and economical shed, planting various type of fodder according to season, fodder Management, feed Management, People and Organization Management and availability of land in your area by coordinating with Local Real Estate Agents, giving you Deworming and Vaccination Schedule, 24 x 7 Service and many more service as agreed.

Syed Mustafa Hussain Razvi - M.Sc Construction Project Management (U.K.) Owner syed@shinefarms.com  

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