Looking for Goat Cheese Recipes? Cheese made from goats milk differs from cheese made from cow milk in many ways. For one, it retains more moisture than cow milk cheese. It also has more fat and dry matter content, but less sodium. In comparison with cow milk cheese, goat milk cheese has been found to have better organoleptic quality.

With respect to fat content, what goat milk cheese has in greater quantities than cow milk cheese is a higher share of medium chain fatty acids. These fatty acids include the likes of caproic, caprylic and capric acid. The presence of these fatty acids is the main reason for the distinct tartness in goat milk cheese. I love goats cheese and spent years making homestead cheeses. It is a complicated subject as I found out after doing a cheesemakers certificate, so much to learn.


Goat Cheese Recipes

With respect to nutritional qualities, goat cheese is also very good. Cheese made from goats milk has been found to contain more protein than cow cheese. Goat cheese has even been found to be quite similar to breast milk. Goat milk products also offer more iron unlike other milk products, making it a better substitute for breast milk than cow milk. In addition, the medium chain fatty acids mentioned earlier give special benefits such as minimizing cholesterol deposition in the arteries and dissolving cholesterol and gallstones.

These facts all about goats cheese are very useful for those enthusiastic about trying these products out. Goat milk products are hardly something new as they have been made in many parts of the world for centuries, perhaps they were the first made cheeses. The cheese however is made in a similar manner to cow cheese.

Goat  Cheese Recipes

The resulting cheese however differs in many ways. It has more moisture, fat, and dry matter, but less sodium. It also has more medium chain fatty acids that provide special benefits. Its similarity with breast milk also makes it a good substitute for the latter

France is the principal producer of goats cheese and the best farmstead-goats cheese in the world and the main regions are the Loire valley and Poitou, and history has it that goats were brought in by the moors in the 8th century. I have visited many of the fromageries in the Poitou region and it is a trip well worth doing. I tasted so many great goat cheeses while doing the goat circuit. Find your favourite home made goats cheese ideas and all about how to make Goat Cheese Recipes

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