Looking for a Goat-Collectible?

As a goat farmer I am always after goat-collectible items. You can collect sheep, frogs, cows, cats, dogs and just about every other animal but the goat collectible seems a little harder to find. Searching antique stores and auctions or EBay turns up very little I have to say. For some reason cats, docs and frogs are more collectible than goats.

I started several years ago, and that figures being a goat farmer, and it’s not been easy to find some unusual quality collectibles. Asia turned out to be a wonderful collectible search destination and that’s not surprising either. More recently I found a couple of unusual pieces in Australia, but goats are not a common collectible item

I will share with you some of my favorite collectible items that I have found in interesting little shops around the world. Also I show some images of collectibles that are on the market and maybe available. I have found goats in almost every country in the world I have been to, mostly they look at you a bit strangely when you ask though.

Goat Collectible Candle Holder

I found this little and rather old bronze candle holder in a little antique store in Asia, a nice little find. Never come across anything like this since, and I suspect its quite rare and unusual. I have not been able to find its origins despite researching and asking people.

Asian Goat Candle Holder

Goat Collectible Bronze Goat with Goddess

Another great and rare little find, its hard to say how old the piece is, but it is bronze goat with a Goddess (as yet not identified) on its back, and she has to bring you luck I think, well I hope she does and its quite unusual. Someone said its Indian, then someone else said it was Thai or similar given the goddess hat. 

Bronze Goat with Goddess

Chinese Jade Goats

I found a pair of these lovely jade goats in an antique store in China Town in Singapore, and they have pride of place at my home, they are really very lovely pair of goats.

Chinese Jade Goats

Cambodian Silver Goat-Collectible

This is another great Asian find, it was hand crafted some 50 years or more ago and it splits in two for storing trinkets and valuables. A great little collectible I think and I was quite happy to find this item.

Cambodian Silver Goat
Goat Bumper Sticker

Looking for a unique goat-collectible? Then make sure you stroll through every antique store you find, and just sometimes you find a goat collectible.

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