Looking for Goat Equipment Australia? Whether you want to buy or sell cheese making and milking equipment, feed equipment, goat husbandry equipment, or anything for goats then why not advertise them for free here.

So why not list your goat equipment for sale or wanted here for FREE. Add in a picture, it’s worth a 1000 words and also take the chance with each advert to describe your goat breed enterprise so that people get to know you and your goat business.


If you are posting your goat equipment for sale can I ask you to follow some simple rules.

1. PLEASE DON'T TYPE IN ALL CAPITALS or in BOLD as it will not be posted. 

2. Don't use any HTML code within your post as it will be deleted, that means inserting code for line breaks, bold text and so on, and also inserting links to YouTube or other websites.

2. Please don't use bad language or profanity as it will not be posted. Hard to believe that people would do that in a goat equipment advert but sadly it is true.

3. To post your advert, please at least use a first name and location with your email address in the notification page, so you will get a message when someone leaves a comment.

4. You need to insert a couple of sentences describing your equipment and add an image if possible as it helps you sell to others. If you insert just a couple of words using text style message or short form SMS language as the system will reject it. Good descriptions about the goat equipment and anything useful and so on help sell goat equipment.

5. Don't Spam the site with multiple advert submissions, none get posted and you will end up banned.

6. Please insert the date when posting your advert. I will delete all adverts after 3 months.


Insert what equipment you want to buy or sell and location

Goat feeder wanted – Melbourne – Victoria

Milking machine for sale – Mudgee - NSW

Insert your detailed equipment description

Be very descriptive as it will help find the person you need to sell or buy to. Add in an image as well, no larger than 100 k please.


MILKPLAN S.A GREECE - Milkplan is one of the biggest manufacturer of milk cooling tanks, in the world. Our goal, product with good value for money. We try for the best quality, low cost and happy customers. We produce from 50lt to 2.000lt popular open type and from 1.000lt to 14.000lt close type ( with washing system, digital screen, electronic milk meter etc). Heat recovery from 200lt to 1000lt all made of stainless steel and milking parlours for cows, sheep & goats.

It would be interesting if you give us the opportunity to make a special offer for you and start a good co operation, if that is possible. I will remain at your disposal for any further information. 

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