For our many Indian goat breeders is a Goat Farming in India is a new section just for you. India after all is probably the biggest goat breeding country in the world.  The goats wanted and goats for sale continues in a new format to make it easier, and you can add an image as well. Also add your goat business so every one knows about what you do. Goat raising in India isn’t easy and not nearly developed as it can be. The many emails this site gets show how many can see what a good business this can be. Goat Farming in India is a very good business.

Did you know that Patna livestock sellers sell sacrificial goats named after Bollywood stars ahead of Eid-ul-Zuha. In a bid to add a glamour aspect to their goats, the sellers in Patna have used the name of famous Bollywood stars to name their goats. Why not use such sales ideas to help your sales


Indian goats are the principal meat producing animals. The fact is most people prefer goat meat and so most goat meat production is for domestic consumption.  For many starting a goat herd has lead people out of poverty. While goats are great at browsing their is a shrinking area to roam, and more people are turning to raising goats in a more intensive system and hand feeding, but that all depends on the price and availability of suitable feed.

Do you want to buy or sell goats? If you want to buy and sell goats then please list your free advertisement on India’s most popular goat website. If you want to buy a Tellicherry, or an Osmanabadi, or perhaps a Jamunapari, or maybe a Barbari, and also possibly a Sirohi and a lot more as well, such as Marwari, Desi, Nellore, Jodipi, Madras Red, Siroki, Jacrani or Beetel then list your advert now. Maybe you want to purchase a Boer goat?

Goats Breeders in India

This is specially for Indian Goat Breeders and all you need to know about goat farming in India and also about buying and selling goats through the links below

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Go Goat Farming in India

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