List your goat for sale Malaysia adverts FOR SALE here, it is a FREE service. There are many sources of sale information, from rural newspapers to online stock systems.  If you want to sell a Boer Goat or have a meat goat for sale.

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Local goats stocks for sale. selangor. Malaysia. Phone: 012-2918870.

Pure Jantan Jermasia untuk baka sedia untuk dijual buat pertama kali sejak kajian membangunkan baka ini dilakukan oleh UM lebih 20tahun lalu hasil kacukan baka German Fawn dan betina katjang terpilih. Baka ini memiliki ciri-ciri ekonomi terbaiki dari segi kadar pertumbuhan,kualiti carcass, pembiakan, pengeluaran susu, daya ketahanan penyakit tinggi dan adaptasi persekitaran yang baik seperti kambing Katjang. Usia Jermasia jantan sekitar 1-3 tahun. Stok baka sekitar 10 ekor. Harga bergantung kepada usia dan berat. RM30-RM40/kg. Berat purata seekor kambing
25kg-50kg (usia 1-3 tahun). Pengangkutan boleh diuruskan atau sendiri.
Berminat hubungi saya 017 2158573 Pani atau 03 79674374 Pej

Boer Goats for Sale In SUNGAI SIPUT, PERAK , MALAYSIA - Our breed is from the Champions Breed of bore Goats. We have them in various colours. They are all fed and cleaned well. Our goats are of the best quality. Seeing is believing. Call Mr. Yeong and purchase your goats of best quality 016 531 5494

BOER/ FERAL & KATCANG GOATS - Location - Janda Baik, Pahang (just 20 minutes from Gombak toll!!)BOER stud, bucks, does available. Also available FERAL and KATCANG. Prices reasonable. Contact: ZAIDI at 0123171515 ; email- zailibra@yahoo.com

Advertise your Goat for Sale Malaysia

Local/import goats traders - We are Arc Agro farm is a goat trader in local/import goats(male/female). Besides that, we also providing goats milk and fresh meats for sale. If anyone is interested, please contact to Sachin (0164458180/0124646278), (office:056752339) or email to arc_agro@yahoo.com.

Goat-for-Sale F1 f2 Boer Goat locally born and raised at Tapah, Perak Boer doe - All price can negotiable base on quantity required by potential customers. Contact Faizal, faizal@boervalley.com, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan. Malaysia. Phone: 6012-2837563/ 603- 77222999

Goat-for-Sale Kampung Goat & Sheep Biri Biri, Farm Located : Seremban. Interested party please send email or SMS. Price Negotiable for big orders. Mike Murugan, E-mail: mike927@pc.jaring.my, Kelang, S.D.E, Phone: 00 6012 297 9777

Goat-for-Sale Boer goats stock for sale and training on farm management. norazlin, subang jaya. selangor. Malaysia. Phone: 012-2292754. E-mail: lin@syamille.com.my

Goat-for-Sale We have many different breed of goats, If anyone is interested in buying, please email or call me ,and give the name and description of the goat you wish to buy, we have locally , Boer,  Jamnapari,  Sannen and many other breeds. please do keep in touch, we are always around to meet your demand. Thank you. Rehana. MD for K&B Agro farm. Rehana, E-mail: rabana5588@hotmail.com, Selangor, Pulau Indah. Phone: 04-3999394 - Advertise your Goat for Sale Malaysia here for FREE

List your meat goat for sale and all other goats and also all about Goat for Sale Malaysia

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Do you have some goats for sale? advertise here for FREE and get your own webpage for your advert, and reach a 1000 people a day! Make sure name, tel number or email address and full details provided, if not, your advert will be rejected

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