Goat milk soap recipes make great soap and they are a handcrafted product that contains only gentle, natural ingredients. It is a bar soap that is literally made from goat milk plus other beneficial elements. Using this soap can make your skin feel good and look healthy.

Handmade soaps by nature contain safe and mild ingredients. These elements are still very effective in cleansing your skin, and do so without drying it out or causing irritations due to chemicals and harsh detergents which are found in many commercially made goat milk soap recipes.


Milk has been used as a topical skin care product for hundreds of years. It gently exfoliates, is an effective moisturizer and contains nourishing vitamins and proteins. Goat milk contains even more moisturizing properties and can be safely used by people who have allergies to other types of milk. People with sensitive skin can also comfortably use this soap.

Because this product is not mass produced, it contains helpful ingredients that most commercially made soaps do not. One such item is glycerin, which is a by-product of the soap manufacturing process. Glycerin helps to reduce the loss of moisture in your skin.


Other favorable ingredients that are many times added in to milk soaps are essential oils and other plant extracts, oatmeal, herbs and even fruits, among others. These additional contents offer a variety of advantages for the user. They may provide aromatherapy benefits, or increased skin softening or moisturizing characteristics.

Some producers also add in lanolin, which is used worldwide as a skin ointment. This is a natural substance that comes from sheep's wool. When lanolin is added to soaps it adds additional skin conditioners and protection.

Some skin conditions can be reduced or even eliminated with the regular use of this type of milk soap. Many problems, such as eczema, are thought to be caused by exposure to harsh chemicals and detergents. When gentle soaps with natural ingredients are substituted for the commercially made ones, skin can begin to heal and flourish.

Acne is another skin ailment that can be reduced when using this soap. There are proteins in the milk that kill the bacteria that causes acne.

There are many other naturally occurring benefits you will experience when using this soap. It has a low pH content which is good for the surface of your skin. And is a fount of organic acids which have the natural exfoliating properties. These assets help skin feel smooth and look younger.

This type of soap has a lavish thick lather, so less soap is needed when you use it. And, because of all of the moisturizing properties contained in this soap, you may find that your need for additional moisturizers has diminished or maybe even been eliminated.

Goat milk soap is loaded with healthy, naturally occurring components that are safe both for humans and the environment. It can be used by everyone in the family including those with allergies or sensitivities. Using it regularly will rejuvenate your skin, reduce skin problems and help you feel good. Goat milk soap recipes

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