Goat Milking Stand - Devon United Kingdom

by Catherine
(Devon United Kingdom)

Goat Milking Stand

Goat Milking Stand

Goat Milking Stand - Please see picture above. This stand is absolutely ideal if you have a couple of milking nannies, and don't want to break your back every day! The dimensions are:

Length (ramp up): 159cm; Length (ramp down): 302cm; Width: 69cm; Height: 214cm. The stand is very solidly constructed, but is still moveable by one person (provided you are reasonably strong). The ramp is hinged, and has the necessary attachments so that you can put the ramp up for storage purposes. At the front of the stand there are tie-up rings on both sides so that you can secure your nanny while milking her. It is also designed so that a bucket will hook over the front (bucket not included in the price), to give the girls the chance to eat while you milk! (as shown in the picture). The goat milking stand is £110.00. If you require any further information, or would like to come and view the stand, please phone Catherine on 07790 525984

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Mar 25, 2021
Goat milking stand
by: Jacqueline Bonner

Hi this stand looks great are they still available to order please?

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