Goat News From Uganda in Africa

Goat farmers have laid blame on the Ugandan National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) Secretariat for imposing dairy goat breeds on them. Most who received goats state they wouldn’t have chosen dairy breeds as some 70% of their milk with little market for the milk, so it goes to waste every day due to lack of cooling facilities. All you need to know is in the boer-goat-blog

Under an agreement a company was contracted to supply 395 improved goats to farmers' groups within the district. This contract was for enhancement in technology multiplication and capacity development of the farmers. The breeds included Boers and savannah meat breeds as well as alpine, Saanen and Toggenburg dairy goats.

The suppliers constructed goat houses and then stocked them with the breeds, but most farmers complained that they never received adequate goat management training with the result that most ofthe goats died. The goats were also distributed without the consent of the district veterinary officer, so no health checks and assessments were made. Evidently many NGOs within the district do get animals checked however the goat supplier Ssembeguya Estates did not do so.

Ssembeguya Estate has a herd of 3,500 adult goats, 60 pure female Boer goats, 20 pure Boer bucks, 1000 Boer crosses at various levels of crossing ranging from 50% onwards, 40 savannah bucks, four saanen bucks and four alpine bucks. The alpine and saanen were recent arrivals. All you need to know is in the boer-goat-blog

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