Looking for goats for sale New Zealand? New Zealand has an enviable reputation as a leading supplier of premium goats milk. They already have a great tradition in sheep production and cow milk production. There are many sources of goat  for sale New Zealand information, from rural newspapers to online sales websites and goat-classifieds. If you want to place your goats-for-sale in New Zealand classified then list it here and get several hundred possible buyers a day looking at your FREE advertisement. If you have some goats for sale then fill out the form below and I will list it for FREE.

 Goats for Sale New Zealand

Boer goats came into New Zealand in around 1987.  Given that feral goats thrive then its not surprising that Boer meat goats do well also. Almost unlimited green grass, adequate quantities of browse all contribute to healthy and fast growing kids. Like many countries New Zealand breeders started off with very good bloodlines and have continually enhanced these.  New Zealand's Boer goat breeders have been facing some difficult issues. There is a very small local market for goat meat and the industry is too small for a major export biased industry. As a result there is a limited number of breeders due to poor enterprise economics.  There are also limited abattoirs able to do small kill runs which also impacts local supply.  As a result the commercial returns are borderline.  The majority of the approximate 120,000 goats slaughtered every year are feral goats harvested off the hills. Only about 5% have Boer genetics which doesn’t help things.  Coupled with a market that is not discerning, unlike Australia with a much larger population with ethnic backgrounds that prefer goat, there is not in New Zealand.  So at the moment Boer goat breeders are export breeding stock orientated by necessity and they are able to leverage their favourable low disease status. As more varied genetics is imported into the country and herds improve, so will quality. There are moves, albeit slow, to upgrade the feral herds with quality bucks, just as some are doing in Australia.  Of course in Australia they quaintly renamed then Rangeland goats to try and overcome the feral or wild stigma some consumers had.  Where to buy premium goat meat in New Zealand. Try this supplier at https://shinglecreekchevon.co.nz/

 Goats for Sale New Zealand

If you are raising and selling goats then what is your meat goat breeding plan? Does it work? Are you aiming to supply the Capretto market, milk fed and off the doe at an early age. Or do you aim to supply the chevon kid meat market like we do? We try to meat our processor specifications of 25-30 kg liveweight, and they supply a variety of consumers that include city based middle eastern meat outlets, selected restaurants and some supermarkets. We also target having kids at right weight for Greek Easter, the end of Ramadan and so on when demand is high and so are the prices.

 Goats for Sale New Zealand

If you are posting your goats for sale can I ask you to follow some simple rules.

1. PLEASE DON'T TYPE IN ALL CAPITALS or in BOLD as it will not be posted. 

2. Don't use any HTML code within your post as it will be deleted, that no inserting links to YouTube or other websites.

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3. To post your advert, please at least use a first name and location with your email address in the notification page, so you will get a message when someone leaves a comment. Don’t include telephone number in the body text of the advert but its your choice.

4. You need to insert a couple of sentences describing your animal and add an image if possible as it helps you sell to others. If you insert just a couple of words using text style message or short form SMS language the system will reject it. Good descriptions about the animal, age, history, breeding lines and so on helps sell goats.

5. Don't Spam the site with multiple advert submissions, none get posted and you will end up banned.

6. Please insert the date when posting your advert. I will delete all adverts after 3 months.

List your meat goat for sale and all other goats.  Use the site to list all your goat requirements and look up issues relating to goat care and goat raising and goats for sale New Zealand

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