The best goats-for-sale-North-Carolina is this website to buy goats. Goat farming in North Carolina is active and there is plenty of activity going on with breeders and meat goat producers. The excellent central location of the state makes it perfect for servicing the Easter and North Eastern states goat meat market. There is the Boer Goat of Association of North Carolina and most producers are members of this organisation and they also sponsor stock sales and education training events.


There has been a graded goat sale conducted in Siler City, NC for the last 17 years. This goat sale has been organized with significant input and support from the NC Department of Agriculture and the Cooperative Extension Service. Historically, North Carolina has been marketing its goats into the East Coast markets through the state graded goat market, which is conducted approximately 2-weeks before Easter. The Easter market has resulted in the best yearly prices for quality young kids which are favoured by the market. The Halal Meat and Food Corporation's goat slaughter facility is located in Bladenboro, NC and is the only meat plant in the US under USDA inspection that is also operated under the principles of the Islamic Faith and this makes it very valuable for goat producers selling into the biggest market. Stock from as far as Texas enters this facility and into the market so its position is very important.


If you are raising and selling goats then what is your meat goat breeding plan? Does it work? Are you aiming to supply the Capretto market, milk fed and off the doe at an early age. Or do you aim to supply the chevon kid meat market like we do? We try to meat our processor specifications of 25-30 kg liveweight, and they supply a variety of consumers that include city based middle eastern meat outlets, selected restaurants and some supermarkets. We also target having kids at right weight for Greek Easter, the end of Ramadan and so on when demand is high and so are the prices. 


If you are posting your goats for sale can I ask you to follow some simple rules.

1. PLEASE DON'T TYPE IN ALL CAPITALS or in BOLD as it will not be posted. 

2. Don't use any HTML code within your post as it will be deleted, that no inserting links to YouTube or other websites.

2. Please don't use bad language or profanity as it will not be posted. Hard to believe that people would do that in a goat advert but sadly it is true.

3. To post your advert, please at least use a first name and location with your email address in the notification page, so you will get a message when someone leaves a comment. Don’t include telephone number in the body text of the advert but its your choice.

4. You need to insert a couple of sentences describing your animal and add an image if possible as it helps you sell to others. If you insert just a couple of words using text style message or short form SMS language the system will reject it. Good descriptions about the animal, age, history, breeding lines and so on helps sell goats.

5. Don't Spam the site with multiple advert submissions, none get posted and you will end up banned.

6. Please insert the date when posting your advert. I will delete all adverts after 3 months.

If you want to place your goats for sale in North Carolina classified listings then list it here and get several hundred possible buyers a day looking at your FREE advertisement. If you have some goats for sale then fill out the form below and I will list it for FREE. Goats-for-Sale-North-Carolina

Goats For Sale in the USA

Do you want to sell some goats? well you can do it here for Free! Simply describe the animals as detailed as you can. Dont forget your name, location, phone number and/or email address and so on

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