Do you have goats-for-sale-NSW? There are many sources of goat sale information, from rural newspapers to online sales websites, online stock auction websites and a variety of goat classifieds. There are also Facebook Marketplace groups that are also a good place to sell goats or inform prospective buyers.  If you want to place your goats-for-sale then you can find a local newspaper classified then list it. Some even head to eBay and Craigslist to sell goats. But seller beware as well buyer beware. Don’t part with any hard earned cash until you set eyes on the goat, don’t pay a deposit for a goat that not even exist, as the scammers are all out and active. I also suggest you post email addresses only, do not put out your phone number.


Whether you want to sell some Purebred Boer Goats or some Sanaans, or Anglo Nubians, British Alpines or Toggenburgs, or have Cashmere and Angora goats for sale, why not advertise them for free here.

If you have Boer Cross meat goats, Kalahari Reds or want to offload some cross breed wethers this is the place to do it. So why not list your goats for sale and here for FREE.

Add in a picture, it’s worth a 1000 words and also take the chance with each advert to describe your goat breed enterprise so that people get to know you and the goat business.


Welcome to "Samittar Mini Goat Stud" - Specialising in Miniature Angoras & Mini Milkers

www.SamittarMiniGoatStud.com. My son Mitchel came home from school and said......." I have a school project to do on animals as pets". Well that would be easy, I thought as we have more than most people, but every animal I mentioned was " no such and such has one of those". Hmmm......A couple of weeks before we had seen a story on TV about Miniature Goats which had caused a great family discussion, years earlier I had bred from feral goats to Angoras, so we decided to read up on them. ........and so was the birth of : "Samittar Mini Goat Stud" . The truth is nothing has brought this family together as much as our goats!
We wait patiently (hehe) each season for the next batch of kids to be born. We work out which Does should go to what Buck. Which paddocks they should be in. Which stock to keep that would best suit our breeding program. Enjoy looking around our web site ( be sure check back for up dates) and if you would like to e-mail us feel welcome to at samittar@bigpond.com or Ph (02) 6382 3076. We are situated in Young, NSW. We are about 2hrs from Bathurst, Orange, Canberra, Wagga Wagga and around 3hrs from Sydney. Young, the Cherry Capital of Australia. We are always ready for a chat about our goats or to help future breeders with information on things we have learnt along the way. Our stud started in 2005 and we currently have around 30 breeding goats. We have babies born in groups 2 times a year. We have a waiting list for people wanting to be called when babies arrive.

We specialise in Pure Breed Miniature Angoras and also breed miniatures in the following types; Nubian, Cashmere, Cashgora, and milking goat varieties. Samittar Mini Goat Stud is a proud member of the MBGA of Australia.


Follow these steps to advertise, and please do not use all capital letters

Insert what goats you want to sell and location

100 Boer X Goats – Melbourne – Victoria

Insert your description

i.e. 100 Boer X does, add details such as age, colouring and so on, be descriptive as it will help find the person you need to sell you some goats. Add in an image as well, no larger than 100 k please.

Insert the optional details of Name and Location

Insert your email notification so you get direct response

Go back to Boer-Goats-Australia.  Post your goats-for-sale-NSW information

Post your Goats For Sale in NSW Advert

Give good details about your goat for sale, YOU MUST GIVE YOUR NAME, LOCATION, TEL NUMBER, Email ADDRESS and proper description of goat for sale. If you do not the advert does not get posted.

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