Goats milk in Japan

by T K Hamada

In Japan goats milk is still increasing its profile as a healthy alternative over cows milk. The Ryukyu University Agriculture Department has formed a partnership with local farmers, with a focus on this in particular those with allergies. The University research group has attracted much attention at the Tokyo Industrial Matching Events, where they have promoted the value of goat meat and goat milk for a healthier lifestyle and also the beauty benefits.

The university has joined forces with the Agricultural Production Fund, Hagoromo Ranch in Nakagusuku Village, who advise that in addition to goat’s milk sales to the local hotels, they are also selling but cheese. Another benefit of goat milk, is that burns calories in the body at a higher rate, and offers increased protection against cancer. The University team plans to promote Okinawa goat milk and meat nationwide to increase profile and make it a dominant agricultural industry

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Jan 31, 2009
Meat Goats?
by: gaijin@nagano

Hamada-san, Are there any Boer meat goats in Japan? I see quite a few dairy goats and also flocks of "scrub" goats being used to control weed growth on ski-jo's, but I haven't seen any Boers or
goats being raised specifically for meat yet.

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